Getting to know the new Your Library

Community Manager
Community Manager

Starting today, we’re introducing a new version of Your Library to Premium users on mobile around the world. With new personalized Music and Podcast tabs you can better organize your library and find your content faster.


We want to take a minute to highlight what’s new and answer your questions.


“Music” tab



  • Now all the songs you’ve liked or previously saved by clicking ❤️ or + are in the playlist “Liked Songs”. It’s always at the top of the Playlists section for fast access.
  • When you’re offline we’ll automatically sort these by the downloaded playlists available.
  • You told us you wanted sorting options for your playlists. And we listened. Now you can also sort playlists. Pull down to reveal the search + filter options in any tab - from there you can select parameters + preferences.
    • Relevance (personalized to you),
    • Custom (the order on your Desktop app, which you can edit yourself)
    • Name
    • Recently Played
    • Recently Added
    • Downloads


  • The Artists section now contains the artists you’re following. There’s a new section for Recommended Artists, whose songs or albums you’ve previously liked. Now you can follow them with just one click.
  • Liking a track or saving an album no longer automatically adds that artist to your Artists as well. Thanks for your feedback on this one.
  • Just like with Playlists, you can pull down to quickly search and sort among all the Artists in Your Library.


  • We heard your feedback on saving albums too. Now this section is just for albums you’ve saved.
  • Now, when you like (<3) an album, the songs in the album won’t be added to your Liked Songs playlist.
  • To save all the songs in an album to your Liked Songs playlist, click the “…” menu and click “Like all songs”.

“Podcasts” tab

You can now manage your podcasts in three distinct sections: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows.

  • Episodes: The Episodes tab allows you to quickly find new episodes or resume podcasts you’re listening to, so picking up where you left off is a snap. And further down the list you’ll find newly released episodes of all the podcasts you follow.
  • Downloads: This tab serves as your repository for the podcast episodes you've downloaded—so you can listen even when you're offline.
  • Shows: The redesigned Shows tab allows you to quickly manage the podcasts you follow and explore their past episodes. The higher up a podcast appears on your list in this section, the more recently a new episode became available.



Where are my Daily Mixes?

We’ve added a new Made For You section on Search to reliably find your Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and other personalized playlists. But you can also find them in a shelf on Home.


Where is Radio?

You can start a radio playlist from any artist, album, or track. Simply click “Go to radio” from the “...” menu. When you save a station, it now appears in your Playlists section.

Where is Playlist Radio?

Just start listening to a playlist you love and when it ends, we’ll automatically generate a Radio playlist for you to keep the tunes flowing.

Where can I give feedback about these changes?

The best place to leave feedback is in the Community Idea Exchange. There users can vote and comment on your ideas. You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.

What about the 10,000 item limit in Your Library?

We are always looking for new ways to create better listening experiences for our users, but have no further news to share at this time. Keep an eye on this idea for updates.