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Liked song were disapeared

Liked song were disapeared

Hi! I use Spotify on many devices, such as iOS, Win10, web and macOS. In macOS-app I can't see liked songs, but in other versions there is no such problem. This problem has appeared when Spotify became available for Ukraine and Russian region


Plan - Free

Country - Ukraine

Device - MacBook Pro late 2015

Operating System macOS 10.14.6


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 Hi @andrplgn93!


Thanks for posing in the Spotify Community! 


This is an Ongoing Issue that Spotify is investigating, which you can find more information about here. On that page, there will be a status update of the next steps to take and information to provide. Please add your +VOTE, as this will help with the investigation. Additionally, subscribe to the thread by selecting the 3 dots at the top right hand corner.


Sometimes a clean reinstall of the app seemed to resolve the issue.


Hope this will be fixed soon.



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