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[Mac] Desktop app blackout + other problems

[Mac] Desktop app blackout + other problems

hello community,

as a longtime user of spotify i just keep gettin' more & more frustrated with the desktop app. several problems occured in the past weeks/months that makes spotify more useless as even more time progesses.

so, i'm using the app ( on a mac (10.10.5 yosemite), with my premium subscription.


1.) after a few days of running a fresh & clean installed version, suddenly the startup screen needs longer & longer to load in it's entirety ...


2.) organizing playlists has become much more difficult. everytime i add a song to an existing playlist, i'll have to open the playlist (where i'd would like the song to be in) first, otherwise the drag & drop function wont work ...


3.) the advanced search syntaxes (for example "genre:rock" or "year:2000") seem out of order as there are no search results showing ...

4.) but most frustating thing: after some time streaming music the whole screen just goes black. i can start/stop/skip tracks from the momentarily streaming playlist, but other than that, i can't do anything else ...

i hope there will be a solution/fix!
for any help, thx in advance!

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It seems that some of the bugs were fixed. The problems I still have are the drag & drop bug on managin' my playlists and the search functions, that still don't seem to work. Two other little bugs you can see on my other topic here:


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