My songs have changed ''version''


My songs have changed ''version''

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So the songs on my spotify have changed ''version'' 

And some of the songs have changed to a other song.. I played for example a song, it said it was that song and it showed the album but it played a different song. 

And with the version stuff, for example i listend the the offspring pretty fly for a white guy, and if you listen to it, there is a short intro where he counts in a different language, and in the new version he does not, and a little bit after a voiceover comes and says something...


And all this happend, from a moment to a other..

I tried spotify on my other computer, and it isn't spotify who has updated, or my accout so i assume its only on my mac.

Do anyone know how to reset spotify, not the account but just the spotify? I tried re installing but it does not work.

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Re: My songs have changed ''version''

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It could be that the original album was removed from Spotify by record label and Spotify have replaced it with something of the same title that hasn't quite been named correctly so you get the incorrect version