New Desktop Design? How to get?


New Desktop Design? How to get?


So just checked out my brothers spotify and it looks so different than mine. The player controls are centered not bottom left, and the design is much more high contrast. My spotify is the normal way. How do i get this? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application. (I am on an imac os 10.12.1).

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Re: New Desktop Design? How to get?

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That is a good question. Spotify sometimes tests features on a small number of users to compare the experience with those who don't have it.

You can check out more about it here:

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Re: New Desktop Design? How to get?

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Whats the best way to give feedback about this specific feature being tested? I really dislike it, but its not a help question nor an idea. Cant seem to find any specific threads about it...