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No saved songs or albums showing in 'Your Library'

No saved songs or albums showing in 'Your Library'

I have a whole load of songs saved on Spotify (on Android) and can see that they're taking up memory space, but when I go on 'Your Library', nothing shows up in Albums, Songs, etc - it just says Browse, etc.

This started a few months ago with not all my songs showing, and some albums randomly deleting saved songs, but this is the first time that absolutely nothing is showing.


V frustrating! Any ideas very welcome

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 Hey @jts123, help's here!


To check, are you definitely in the right account? We'd check if you've accidentally logged in to a second account.


As you're mentioning being on an Android, it might be worth checking your SD card.


Could you also confirm that this looks the same for you on other devices? Let us know what you can see when looking on other devices.


Keep us posted.

Hey @jts123!


We're closing this thread as we didn't receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best 🙂

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