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Podcasts are starting over from the beginning whenever I switch devices

Podcasts are starting over from the beginning whenever I switch devices

Brief description of the issue:

I start a podcast episode on my phone. By the time I switch to my desktop, I'm somewhere in the middle of the episode.

Then, when playing the same episode on my desktop, the episode starts over from the beginning.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. First, I start a podcast episode on my Spotify mobile app - I get several minutes in
  2. Then, I find the same episode on my Spotify desktop app
  3. Then, I click play, expecting to resume where I left off on my phone, but the desktop app starts over the episode
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Hey! Don't worry 🙂
Can you give more details (e.g. Macbook Model, OS version, or any important information) on your experiencing issue?

Im having this same issue. I get in my car. My phone syncs to the car. I play a podcast half way through. I stop the car. Instead of picking up where it left off, it starts the podcast all over again. Annoying!!!

I get the same exact thing. Is this a known issue that they are trying to fix?

This is happening to me and I don't even switch devices. I start a podcast on the way to work, get about 20 minutes in, and then when I go to drive home the podcast has started at the beginning again. 


Update: Today I left work, started my podcast, stopped by the gas station. I turned my car off, pumped gas. Then when I got back in the car and turned it on, my phone automatically connected and the podcast started back at the beginning! I never closed the app or even touched my phone.


Version: armV7

This happens to me but without switching devices.

I press pause on a podcast then it restarts to the beginning and wont let me resume where I pressed pause originally, so I have to scan the podcast and click to where I thought I left off.

This started today, I tried restarting and its not fixing it.

I run version

I fixed this in one easy step. Click on Google Music.  Works great, no pause issues and has many podcasts that Spotify doesn't .

I am also having this same exact issue. Very annoying. Has Spotify acknowledged this issue yet??

In terms of podcasts re-starting once switching devices, one reason for this occurance could be that the podcast may be saved offline and spotify's servers havent requested an update from the device which you are listening on or (if you are on a mobile phone) data restrictions may not allow for automatic updates, thus causing the lag behind in the progression of the podcast. Make sure you Data saving settings are turned off and that you have a full connection to the internet whilst listening to the podcast and that the device which you switch too also has full internet access. Make sure both devices are synced correctly and that neither devices have accidentally been set to offline mode.

Hope this may help, if not, hopefully spotify provides a patch soon

I'm experiencing this exact issue as well. However, my desktop is Linux not Mac.

Spotify version

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