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Poor audio quality on MacBook Pro

Poor audio quality on MacBook Pro

Hello, I'm on a 2017 MacBook Pro listening on my spotify desktop app. Settings are set to very high quality sound, but the sound quality is awful compared to listening from my phone. It is noticeably worse -- whether I'm listening through AirPods or the computer speakers. The phone quality is lightyears ahead of the desktop app...


Something must be wrong?


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Quick update -- I tried regular 3.5mm apple headphones vs. my airpods, and the sound quality is great. So something is wrong with the AirPods/bluetooth connection but I'm not sure what. Have already tried re-pairing and that didn't help.

Hi @Awara,


Hope you are doing well. I just addressed this issue in another thread. Try that out and see if it works! If not, we'll go from there. 



Tried that -- didn't work =(

Bummer. That's okay, though! We'll figure it out. Try going to the same sound menu > output, then select internal speakers, and then reselect your airpods. These are the steps outlined for troubleshooting this issue on the Apple website.


Edit: forgot to add that you should quit any apps that might use the Bluetooth mic, and close the sound panel before trying the above steps.

I had the same issue, I had to make sure in the Sound Preferences I'm listening from Sound Effects mode, not Input - that fixed it, very weird. 



Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 15.18.32.png

thank you so much, this worked perfectly fine!

For anyone still facing this problem try switching the sound > input to your macbook's microphone, this seems to solve the audio quality for me.

That helped (to select another input device just double click on it)

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