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Poor sound quality when on phone call

Poor sound quality when on phone call


Whenever I'm on a phone call on Discord,  the sound quality drops significantly. I have the high quality streaming option switched on, so the call must be interfering with spotify somehow. I have a Macbook and premium account.

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Hey there,


I can't say for sure, but my guess is it would be an internet issue, not a Spotify issue. Streaming both the phone call and the music might be to much for your download speed to handle.


If that is the issue, I wonder if it would help if you started your phone call, and then started streaming music? Maybe the most recent app opened would experience the least amount of lag or latency. 


Let me know what you find out!

I went offline and still had the same problem, definitely a not an internet issue.

Are you using headphones and/or a headset? I'm pretty sure this is Mac OS or Discord switching that to call mode, which activates the microphone and results in reduced audio quality. The next time this happens, go in to System Preferences -> Sound -> Input, and make sure the input device is set to Internal Microphone (or something similarly named, it should have Type Built-in).

Yeticrossing is right. If you have a call the headset switches to another profile. This link is about Windows but the headset works the same way in macOS:

This worked for me - switching input to main mic source resolves audio quality issue 

I am on MacOS Ventura. Every time i get on a call on Discord, on Facetime or just voice chat in Roblox, the Spotify sound quality drops immensely. It cant be an internet issue because my internet is perfect. We recently got a new way better provider and i had the problem before and after changing the provider. (the new provider uses fiber glass or something like that so its improved a LOT.)


I use a family premium plan

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