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Problems with notifications

Problems with notifications

I dont get any notifications on the artists that I'm following what so ever. Is this a known problem, or does any of you know how to fix it? 🙂 It would be highly appreciated.

(I'm new here on the spotify forum, so sorry if I posted the wrong place or something like that)

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Yeah, it doesn't for me on all devices for 2-3 days.

Btw, private message notifications doesn't work for me and my friend.

Sounds weird, so it's not just me I guess. Maybe it's an issue with spotify in general atm?

Yeah, broke notifications; my suspicion is that while they're trying to fix it they've disabled  them. I get a lot on Monday and Tuesday but I haven't received any in the last 4 days.


I'll see if @spotifycares can shed any light on it.

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Hasn't worked for me for a couple of weeks. I only use the webplayer but I don't get e-mail notifications either despite "new album release" being ticked in the notification settings. Been missing a lot of new releases from artists/bands I follow.

The Prodigy's new album is now on Spotify. Did I get a notification about that? No. What's the point of following artists/bands if you don't get notifications about their releases?

Notifications have never worked properly. You might find that you get an alert for it in 6 monhs' time. Or even longer.


I had 41 showing today. There wasn't 41 showing when I checked, though. I had to pick them all up in the Web Player. That's a pain in itself because it doesn't remember where you scrolled to in the list.


Anyway, worth checking it because there may be notifications in there that don't show up in the desktop for whatever reason.

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It doesn't work for me too. Did u guys found any solution?

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