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Scrobbling to from behind a proxy

Scrobbling to from behind a proxy

I've noticed scrobbling stopped working for me from behind a proxy. When I play a song in the Mac desktop client and open the Web player the web player doesn't indicate I'm playing from "another device" as it usually does. 


I've noticed a similar topic from 2014: but AFAIK the scrobbling mechanism has changed since then.


How to solve this?


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I noticed the same behaviour using the windows desktop client.

Scrobbling does not work when going through VPN with proxy. When I switch of VPN then scrobbling works, it even sends the cached scrobbles. Back to VPN/Proxy no scrobbles

This really needs to be fixed.

I have the same problem and I wasn't able to find solution for this. I tried switching protocol for webproxy between http and https in Spotify config file, but without success...

I've pinged them about the problem a couple of times on Twitter. They always just say that they forwarded it to the dev team.


Judging from pervious experiences with issues like this, they are probably just ignoring it. At the very least, they were not able or willing to provide any information about it

🙋‍♂️Same problem here.
Spotify on Mac desktop stops scrobbling as soon as I switch the proxy setting to HTTP/HTTPS mode.

bump - none of the methods mentioned in few different topics works. This is still an issue.

bump. Is this ever going to be fixed? Spotify's stats is way too shallow. I have to use the VPN all day, losing scrobbles is really frustrating

I eventually found out that the company I worked for had multiple proxies in place, possibly also multiple DNS names for the same proxy. It turned out that one of the proxies worked with Spotify and scrobbling without problem. I didn't investigate what made the difference. 

It would still be good to get more support from Spotify in this regard. 

Using the web player seems to have solved the issue. I can now see the scrobbles even when I'm logged in the VPN.

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