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Search by country and location



I have used Spotify for some time, but the search "feature" is really bad. Sometimes I want to search e.g. for new songs in a specific country or location. But how to do that? In "Browse" there are only genres. If I e.g. enter "country: Sweden", I just get songs that have the word Sweden in the title or album ... 

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Yeah, its kinda sad that we cant look up for songs from any specific country right now but I think the Top List tab can help you a little bit. Top List will give you a list of songs which are currently popular right now in a country and you can change it to Sweden, it will list both international and national songs though. Hope this help 🙂

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There is currently an idea about something pretty similar to this 🙂 Add your Kudos here 🙂

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Sorry for the long delay .. ) What I mean is that I want to find songs based on where the artists are from. In my case I want to find songs from Sweden, and maybe even local artists from Malmö, where I live. 

But I have not used Spotify so much so maybe, just maybe .. this feature is coming.


Cheers 🙂

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