Shuffle should not repeat individual songs


Shuffle should not repeat individual songs

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In a playlist of mine that is more than 6 hours long, shuffle often plays songs twice or three times within 30 minutes.


I know there are a few posts about this already, but there isn't a recent one and this problem still exists.


It is obviously not desirable for a shuffle function to play a single song in a playlist repeatedly. What the user wants is to play the entire playlist in random order with every song played exactly once, just as the meaning of the word "shuffle" would imply.


Spotify, please fix this already. I'm seeing reports about this dating all the way back to 2012. How is still still an issue?








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Re: Shuffle should not repeat individual songs


Hi pfer!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


Try to play the playlist selecting the shuffle and repeat option (only once, so not the option of repeating the same track) together, as in the screenshot attached. In this way you should be able to play the playlist without repetitions. Once it has played all the songs it will restart from the first one (randomly chosen at the beginning) and it will repeat the same shuffle mix. But if you select a different song it will change the shuffle mix. 


Try and let me know if it works. Hope this helps.


Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.26.55.png