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Shuffle should not repeat individual songs

Shuffle should not repeat individual songs

In a playlist of mine that is more than 6 hours long, shuffle often plays songs twice or three times within 30 minutes.


I know there are a few posts about this already, but there isn't a recent one and this problem still exists.


It is obviously not desirable for a shuffle function to play a single song in a playlist repeatedly. What the user wants is to play the entire playlist in random order with every song played exactly once, just as the meaning of the word "shuffle" would imply.


Spotify, please fix this already. I'm seeing reports about this dating all the way back to 2012. How is still still an issue?








Macbook Pro late 2013

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MacOS High Sierra

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Try to play the playlist selecting the shuffle and repeat option (only once, so not the option of repeating the same track) together, as in the screenshot attached. In this way you should be able to play the playlist without repetitions. Once it has played all the songs it will restart from the first one (randomly chosen at the beginning) and it will repeat the same shuffle mix. But if you select a different song it will change the shuffle mix. 


Try and let me know if it works. Hope this helps.


Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.26.55.png

But thats not what I want and I guess OP does not want that as well.  We want ALL songs of the list being played once only. When all of them have been played exactrly once in a randomized fashion. We expect the queue due end so we know we have listened to all the songs and can than select a new playlist.

Hey folks,

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Currently there is no option that can manually stop shuffle playing the same song multiple times. The shuffle algorithm prioritizes songs which you've listened to more statistically. This is why sometimes it might feel like it's going in loops.


Other users in the Community want to have more advanced shuffle functions. You can check and vote on their ideas here and here.


Hope this helps.

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edit: i have better identified my problem and will repost in the proper thread

Why would a shuffle function repeat any track before getting through them all? Shuffle has never meant that. "Random" play should theoretically be able to repeat tracks, even play the same track forever. Shuffle has always meant shuffling the tracks and playing each one once going back to CD players. This should not be an advanced feature of shuffle, it should be *the* feature. 


Thank you.

I've solidified on the idea over the years and years with Spotify that it aims to mimic your popular radio stations while on shuffle. I've got a playlist with like 72 hours of music and I generally will always get Zedd and Swedish House Mafia right away pretty much every time. 


Our idea of shuffle is clearly not what Spotify's idea of shuffle is. The only solution I've come up with myself is an application that uses the Spotify API create a new playlist every day based on the playlist I want shuffled. So, it's "Club Shuffled". 



Will this *failed design* be fixed, now that the issue is about to turn 10 years old? Shuffle=Play the *entire* playlist in random order! Random playback= play any song from the playlist, which may include playing the same song multiple times in a short period of time! What NOONE likes when switching to either is to hear the same song twice (that's what the Repeat function is for!). It's not hard is it?

I would also like to know when this wi be fixed. It’s not a matter of debate, this is a poor implementation or a bug. There should be a separate option for “Spotify shuffle” or something if you really want custom behavior.

Also, the “shuffle” as currently implemented is not random in the least. It always goes to the same handful of songs. As a result I have songs on my playlist that never get played and songs that get played every listening session. What we need is a purely randomized shuffle that doesn’t repeat. It should not take any factors into account when selecting the next song to play. The way this is currently implemented is beyond stupid. 

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