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Spotify Connect - Wrong devices in list

Spotify Connect - Wrong devices in list

I have Spotify installed on my Mac and iPhone. However, in the Spotify Connect menu, I recently started noticing another option, "BDP-S3700," which appears to be a Blu-ray Player w/ Wi-Fi. I do not own this device, and, as far as I know, have never signed into my Spotify account on one (I use Facebook SSO; recently changed FB password).


Is there a way I can figure out what's going on with this device, and possibly remove it from the list? It's not an incovenience but it's a little strange and I would like to make sure no one has access to my Spotify account.

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Hey @elimbaum,


First thing to do is log out of all devices using the button on this page and log back it to Spotify to see if that clears it.


If not, there are a few different solutions in this thread.


Hope that helps!


Tried that, and signed back in on computer and phone. Device is still in menu. I guess this means no one actually has access to my account, but is instead probably some issue with Spotify Connect itself?


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