Spotify Search Broke


Spotify Search Broke


after the update that came out today, the search bar seems to be completely broke. Typing literally any combination of letters and actual song names just causes it too say it can't find the song and to try again. I've already tried restarting the app.

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It seems that Spotify is having trouble with this across all of its platforms that is stemming from the new update. We hope that they will fix this quickly.


Just know that you are not the only one experiencing problems with this as I am having trouble as well. 


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Same here.

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Yes, I am experiencing the same thing. 


Searching anything (including songs that I know for a fact are on spotify because they are saved in my favourite songs) produces the error message:


"No results found for "..." Please make sure your words are spelled correctly or use less or different keywords"


This issue only started today for me and it's comforting to know I am not the only one experiencing this. 


- Heather 

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Mine seems to be suddenly working now so is that the case for any of you?