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Spotify and Mission Control

Spotify and Mission Control

The Spotify desktop app absolutely will not stay put on a particular desktop using Mission Control in OS X. It has a tendency to "relocate."  For example, I have it pinned to Desktop 3.  When I open the app, it goes there.  After a while, though, it will move to Desktop 2, and kick the application that's currently there onto Desktop 3.  Sometimes (sometimes?) when I'm on Desktop 2 and open Spotify, it will kick the app that's there off and try to put itself on the current desktop (despite being assigned to Desktop 3).


It doesn't matter whether I open the application on a desktop, open Mission Control, and assign it.  It doesn't matter if I open it up and try to assign it to "This Desktop" by right-clicking on the icon in the Dock.  No matter what I do, it just will not behave.


It doesn't work on Mojave.  But it also didn't work on High Sierra, Sierra, or El Capitain either.  I have a few Macs, and Spotify (mis)behaves the same way on every single one.  And I'm not the first to notice this issue:


I really have no trouble with this app at all, but this is absolutely driving me crazy.


General Info:

Premium Plan


2018 MacBook Pro

OS X (Mojave)



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