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Spotify automatically starts up on macOS High Sierra

Spotify automatically starts up on macOS High Sierra

Whenever I log on to my MacBook it automatically starts up Spotify.


I don't have Spotify in the Sytem Preferences > Users/Groups. I don't have the option in the Spotify settings. I don't see any agents or daemons in /Library/LaunchAgents or /Library/LaunchDaemons.


What are my options other than cancelling my Spotify Premium subscription? I find it very invasive that Spotify decides to take over my computer without my permission.

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I've edited ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs and changed app.autostart-configured false but it still starts up. It even changes the value back to true!

OK more tinkering. app.autostart-configured=true and app.autostart-mode="off" but Spotify still starts right up! I can write a cronjob or launch agent that kills the **bleep**ing Spotify process but that seems a bit overkill.

OK more tinkering and app.autostart-configured=false and app.autostart-mode="off" seems the kill the startup. Now all I need to do is prevent the Spotify background process from starting.


Also why do I have to click on multiple pictures of fire hydrants when I post a reply. That is not how you handle customers.



I see you found a workaround with code, but so you know for future reference, the option is in Spotify settings. Spotify on the top banner > Preferences > scroll to very bottom > Show Advanced Settings > Startup and Window Behavior. Hope this helps! 

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