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Spotify can't import deleted local files

Spotify can't import deleted local files

I recently moved all of my music to google drive because I was running out of space on my computer and usually stream with spotify anyways these days. Anything that I had downloaded to listen to in iTunes won't play on Spotify. I was wondering if there's any way to break the connection between these songs so Spotify knows to simply stream instead of searching for the files it expects to be there.


Any ideas? Tried reinstalling, but to no avail.

2 Replies

Hello there,


Spotify will only let you listen to local music files on your computer ONLY if they are saved onto your Mac. Spotify doesn’t save your files onto its system. Either way, most songs you would’ve had on iTunes should be published onto Spotify.


Hope this helps!

Hey @sdcole96,


I'm a little confused what you mean here. Are you wanting to stop Spotify from trying to play local files? 

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