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Spotify is too slow on my iMac and Macbook

Spotify is too slow on my iMac and Macbook






(macbook air 2017 ,  iMac 2013 late)

Operating System

(mac osx)


Spotify working too slow on my macs, It takes forever to load some playlists or search songs, singers. I reinstalled, cleaned ceache, did everything. I am really tired of using spotify anymore. If it wont be better in first release, i will stop using it and will use Apple Music. I read lots of problems like that and no solution, i cant believe Spotify cant solve this.


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I'm seeing your problem with not being able to make Spotify "function" in a way. A solution that could work is using browser Spotify. Another tip I think would help is press Command+alt (option)+ esc to pull up a Force Quit window and take out the unnecessary applications cause it possibly can take up space on your processor, causing Spotify to slow down (pressing X on some applications don't quit them).


Hope this helps!


Me too!  Its is barely useable.  It used to be fine, but this is rediculous!


got the same problem , the search fucntion takes ages to load or sometimes isn't working at all on my Imac with El Captain version 10.11.6 (15G20015). On my I phone i'dont experience these problems though.


I added a screenshot I was searching for "immortal" loading symbol was not appearing but it did when I clicked on a playlist in the left menu bar


If someone has an idea how i can improve this  i appreciate your feedback

Schermafbeelding 2018-07-04 om 23.45.39.png
Schermafbeelding 2018-07-04 om 23.48.14.png

Same here. It is unpleasant and unusable.

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