Spotify sort by title/artist/album/time/popularity then playing a song not working

Spotify sort by title/artist/album/time/popularity then playing a song not working







MacBook Air Early 2015

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iOS 10


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Whenever I sort an artist's Songs by either title, artist, album, time or popularity, and then I select a song, it does not play the correct one.


For example: I search up Miley Cyrus, then click her 'Songs', then try to sort by popularity (where you see the most popular to the least popular in descending order), and then click a song, it will not play the correct one. 


This is really annoying as I am paying for Spotify Premium each month.


I have already uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled twice. I also have the latest version. Additionally, this is the same problem on my Windows PC.





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Hello @Anthony_258 and welcome to the community.


I am experiencing the same issue and I have reported it.


Note : this issue only happens during a search.


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Same for me as well; this thread has a step-by-step on how to reproduce the issue. 


Same problem:


Search Artist

Click Songs See All

Order by preference (thumb on the right)

Click a track

Track selected is not played, but another track is played


Got the same problem here..







Operating System:

Windows 10

Spotify Version:


Doing a clean install of spotify briefly fixes the problem for me. But it keeps coming back. Find below a screencapture of the problem:



While the having the same problem as the mainpost (where it happens inside the Artist screen, I do have similar problems as all the following posters. (Looking at bjelleklang, clatix and GGeezes).

The video posted by GGeezes is spot on.

I can also add that it's not just sorting by popularity, it is sorting at all, be it title, artist, album, time, popularity. Basically as son as you touch ANY sorting option it's messed up, aaaand you can't click that off either.


Without sorting it works as intended, but when you get more than 5-10 results, let's say you get 350 results, with remixes, similar named songs, etc.. you really want to sort by artist or title... but then you can't listen properly.

Also this is both with and without Shuffle toggled on, and... when it's toggled off it still jumps around instead of actually following the list from top to bottom, so I can't even reliably just start from somewhere and go back/forth until I hit the song I want to click.


Win10 here, desktop, also premium. Although it happens on my Win7 dekstop as well. Both have had Spotify reinstalled with no effect.


Ok so from now i can't sort any search results anymore. I've searched a bit and it looks to me that this issue is to blame for it, that they have shut off sorting to fix the issue. At least i hope so. Because i remember before when you couldn't sort the search results, and they gave some**bleep** explenations(as a programmer i kinda understood the issue, but also that it was far from usolvable). So I, among other people, made angry posts on their facebook page. And what do you know, not long after, we got search sorting back!


So the thing I'm wondering now is if the missing sorting is because of some related issue that they are fixing, or if it is something that they have just turned off because it's easier, or that they think nobody uses it. I mean i understand all the "revolutionary" things they are trying to do(with "context" based results, and the home page and popular lists and w/e), from dumbed down lists and results in favor of ease of use, and as a developer i understand the dilemma. But if they dumb it down too much I'm **bleep**ing out of here and back to pirating music and setting up a private server to stream them to my phone. The (android)app already is pretty **bleep**ed. Not to mention all the functionality they have removed from the desktop version.


I understand that Spotify has financial responsibilites, but it's customers, ESPECIALLY it's core customers, use the app as a music library managment and discovery tool. If you take control(basic functionality) away from the user, they are gonna be angry. It's not just for people who click on some basic Spotify created "top 100" or "Mood" playlists to have something in the background. Nobody likes to be patronized. Spotify is in a perfect position to get the Soundcloud marketshare, but they can't do that if they are acting like corporate assholes without any foresight


Any word on when this will be solved ???

We need this option to sort searches asap. It's almost impossible to work with right now.







Windows pc from december 2017

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Win 10

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