Stuck on Queen

I listened to Queen the other morning, I noticed there was an update, so I restarted Spotify. Ever since then I will choose a playlist and start listening, when it goes to the next song, it's Queen. When I try listening to a new station of something, when it goes to the next song, it's Queen. Even in Starred songs or a playlist, the next song is always Queen! I removed everything Queen I could find. No starred songs, no playlist, nothing and it still keeps playing Queen. If this keeps up, I will have to find something else. I like Queen, but not when I don't want to hear them! Please help. I reinstalled the program. I have followed all the steps for solution and could find nothing similar online in the forums. There is no customer service # to call. I just need this fixed. I am a premium member.


Thank you for any help you can give me. 

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I figured it out, somehow all the songs were stuck in  my Queue. Thank goodness I figured it out!

Listening to Queen for the rest of your life sounds pretty gruesome. Glad you sorted it out 🙂

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