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You broke AppleScript (Again)


You broke AppleScript (Again)








MacBook Pro 2017 Retina

Operating System

High Sierra


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AppleScript is not returning current song correctly. The last build from Apr 23th Broke it. The script in question is the following:




if application "Spotify" is running then

tell application "Spotify"

return (get artist of current track) & " – " & (get name of current track)

end tell


return "Spotify"

end if





get artist of current track is not working anymore.


If you are going to force us to update, please next time don't break things.


Thanks in advance.






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Looks solved now in latest ! 🎉

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Yes, same here :((( It's working randomly now... Version:


This is a debug of all properties of the current track on spotify... some data is loaded and other doesn't... 







I have the same issue here. From what I can observe on my machine it's dependent on the origin of the current song. For songs that get autoqueued after the last song of a playlist it works almost perfectly. But as soon as I manually chose a song I don't get an output anymore.

Same here. does anyone know how long these things take to get fixed?

I hope in next release %) Bump

I played along with this and it seems that it in:

1. When Pause/Unpause Artis name and Title is not there 

2. When switching tracks using next/previous song buttons Artist Name and Title is not there

3. When switching to a new song by double clicking on it on the list - Artist name and title is not there

4. When song ends and next is played - Artist name and title is there


in all above cases I've observed that album name is present.


Disclaimer, there might be more values missing, I've only checked for album name, artist name and song title



Also the behaviour I'm observing (using AppleScript through Hammerspoon).


... new version ""... and still broke!!



Bump; Has there been any update to this? 😞

Marked as solution

Looks solved now in latest ! 🎉

Oh awesome! I just had a friend check and can confirm!

confirmed!!... now it's fine... 




I am still seeing some issues on


The problem seems to stem from the "starred" property which causes fetching all properties to fail as well. This field is still documented in the Spotify library, but I would guess that it is a deprecated field from the old liking system (probably years old at this point). The library documentation should probably be updated and accessing the field should either fail because it doesn't exist, or should return a default value or something.



Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 09.12.22.pngScreen Shot 2020-08-04 at 09.17.00.png

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