Your music: Local files not in Songs/Albums

Your music: Local files not in Songs/Albums




I'm trying to move from the Starred playlist to Your Music, but I noticed that I can't add local files to the collection. They won't show up in Songs or Albums. I'd like to shuffle play my collection, consisting songs of Spotify and some local files. Is there any way to achieve that other than still using the Starred playlist?

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Also very disappointed that local file integration is now broken. I'm an expat and have several lesser-known Swedish and French albums saved locally that are not (and probably never will be) available in the American catalogue. I love Spotify otherwise but not being able to play these tracks through it is making me consider other options.

You can still play local file tracks through Spotify and mix them with Spotify tracks in playlists. They just don't show up in the Your Music collection system. Spotify said they were looking at fixing this omission from Your Music, but months later, they still haven't.




"I can no longer add local files to my spotify.  I am trying to add music from local bands that are not in the catalog.  I have an album that was not in the catelog I loaded a long time ago and synced with my mobile device, but I can't seem to do this anymore.


Simple question, I have a folder of MP3s, I want to be able to listen to them with spotify and sync to my phone over wifi.  How can I do this?  Was this feature removed?  If so, can I install an old version of spotify to achieve this?"



This is exactly what Google Play Music was meant for and it's even better than how spotify used to implement it because the files are available for any of your devices anywhere you have data access. The initial upload can be a pain in the butt if you have a lot of music but can just be left to run overnight. It's been almost a year now since spotify pulled this stunt so don't expect them to even be thinking of fixing this. Just move on to the better solution for people with their own "collections."



I found a workaround, if you had new music, you have to delete your spotify config and log back in.


ie: rm -r ~/.config/spotify/


A bit annoying, but at least it works.  Maybe running a windows version underwine would fix the issue.


this is the part i dont understand, i want to add a song from my music not available on spotify, i used to be able to drag it from itunes and drop in a spotify playlist but i cannot do that anymore. how do i add it to a playlist then?


Seriously Spotify? Why are you breaking EVERY USEFUL FEATURE. Things used to work just fine, now it seems like if it was something people used you are "updating" it and forcing us to update and deal with it. All I want to do is drag and drop a file to my library. No Ok, I will add it to local sources. Then I tried everything to trigger it to find the darn song. Nothing.... 


This is the 5th useful feature you have broke in the last 6 months. STOP.

I found a good fix too. Deezer.

same. desktop player and local files are the main reason I chose Spotify over Deezer or Rdio...
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now I have to alternate between Spotify and Media Player. and it is very annoying
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Silence speaks volumes.


Apple Music here I come; at least all my music will be in one place.


Will there ever be a company that listens to the people, and STAYS THAT WAY??


My problems have worsened. Spotify seems to not dig some of my local files, and refuses to play them. Some files have a 15 second random delay where Spotify locks up. On some files Spotify will refuse to go to the next song at the end of the track. Some songs it cuts off 5 minutes at the end. 


The OP is still not fixed, and I can say it has gotten worse.


Pretty obvious that Spotify gives zero fcks. They changed the UI on iOS again, and buried the preferances again in a new place. Stop moving **bleep**, yourUI is supposed to be easy so it can be figured out while you know, running, Biking, or perhaps at a stop light? Thanks for making it harder so there is yet another distraction when your FLIPPING APP CRASHES AND I HAVE TO RELAUNCH IT. 



...Wait? Is that really a problem anymore? Actually it isn't becuse I AM DONE WITH SPOTIFY! 



-Issues with playing LOCAL music on the PC Version



-Delay when opening saved content on iOS devices since 2014!

-Moving things around and breaking them

-Terrible Support for syncing music

-Constant APP crashes

-Broken Bluetooth controls

-Android constant sound problems resulting in not being able to hear or 1 channel on multiple devices


-Constant unnesisary data polling that crashes your app on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

-The fact this thread exsists and no one at Spotify gives a fck about it. 





Had spotify for 6 years, and thats 720 bucks that could have been spend on someting that works. I hope you learn to stop changing things before Apple Music hands you a new one. Yeah, thats where I, and most of your former followers are going!




1. Once you have your computer's local flies synced up with the spotify app, add them to a new playlist (or any playlist for that matter)

2. Go to your Android phone (cant confirm it works on iOS but wouldnt see why not) and go to the playlist where your local files were stored. They should show up as greyed out songs.

3. Hit options on the song you want to save and press save (hitting "Download" for the whole playlist will download all the music onto your phone but will not save it to your "Songs" library.)


Now you have it! Your local file should show up in your "Songs" library and on your phone. You might have to refresh your Spotify app/wait a while for that to sync. It took mine about a minute before it showed up.


So until Spotify integrates a way to do that on the desktop app, just follow that proccess.


Great solution !! Thanks alot 🙂


I really do not understand why this is not solved in the desktop version...




#include "Cliffnotes";

/*Apple music isn't the same for me, Spotify does have better orginization, but stupid bugs almost making it worse than Apple Music for sharing Social Music.*/

/*Limit the number of Open Spotify Devices and Airplay Devices*/

/*Turn of Celluar Data for Spotify if your having issues with freezing|Limit it to one network per account */

/*Developers may never read this thread of give any boxes of ....... so rant it up, at least you might feel slightly better about things, maybe one day they will care about these 4 years of bugs */


/*Longer Version*/

void Main()


Yes, I went back to Spotify, and no they didn't care what-so-ever to contact me or reply to the thread. Believe it or not, the problems are so much worse after a few months off. 


....BUT, I think I found a huge leeway into why it is so Terri bad and why it hesitates and freezes constantly. 


Whatever integration across Spotify Clients they are attempting is BROKE! BROKEN, FAIL, LOSE, THE GAME, Just bad. Now that I vented that, here is the only way to get Spotify to play without freezing or crashing, (2 technically), and I hope this helps some people till the hotfix fails by Spotify changing things again for no reason.....


/*Number One!!!*/

---Close every player, prevent it from starting at Computer Start up, uninstall it from devices you do not use constantly!

---Every client running under your account just maximizes the pain.

I tried this, tried to improve it, and blueprinted the performance and there is no reason it should be this broken.

Remember, it has processes that run in the back of Android, Mac, PC, and iPhone. It isn't always closed, especially with Facebook integration! iOS is the closest to be closed when it is closed, but on Android it just freezes background processes. It is a massive shame since Android gives developers WAY more freedom to fix problems and more of an honor system. +1 for Apple treating developers like children in Timeout. 


(I use both, I am not bias, I use both for their individual merits and they are just different platforms same as your TV and Fish tank. Both involuntarily light up a room and both have other purposes sourcing Entertainment.) Bad analogy, but clearly they both have annoyances and good things about the contrasts between....


Void Experiment1()


iPhone 5 Baseline, no problems with unit, Apple Music works Great, Amazon Video/Netflix/Video Stream 100% no drops.

5.8GHZ Wireless on Channel 36 Exclusively. 300mib/s available, >12MB/s throughput (100mib/s min)


Laptop 1: G75VW-DS73-3D ROG i7/16gb ram/Dual SSD/

Wireless AN 5.8ghz Intel Centrino 6230 Channel 36 same SSID as iPhone 5


Tablet 1: Android nVidia Shield Portable, Only Spotify Installed on device, Android 5.1

Wireless AN 5.8ghz Ch36 same SSID.


1. Turned on iPhone First from cold boot. Access point shows Throughput at 2mib/s when Spotify started.

2. Turned on Laptop from cold boot. Access point completely pegged between iPhone 5 and Laptop, but! NOT DOWNLOADING files from the laptop's library. 

3. Turned on Shield and started Spotify.


Shield App crashed instantly

Laptop Spotify Froze, but all other apps ok. Specifically, Spotify Web Helper process. 


Added another iPhone 5 on 2.4ghz network with no interference and every device just froze till all existing Spotify processes were killed on all devices. When started first, and 1 device added to 5ghz, again everything crashes.


---Bottom line: 2 separate networks just kills everything!

Also this includes Cell Data! If you force Spotify to use Wi-Fi data and disable cell data for it, it gets WAY better and when it is separated from other devices when you do not have Wi-Fi and it cannot use cell data, it is Workable, but still freaks with local content, with or without "offline mode." Even with Downloaded Spotify songs from Spotify. Low/Med/High Quality does not matter.


}//End Experiment


/*Number Two*/

---Limit the length of your songs you sync using your own files.

In my case, Specifically A State of Trance radio shows that are NOT on Spotify. There is a 7 second delay when playing any of the files, any format, any setup, Wi-Fi or not, cell or not, offline or not. It also freezes when trying to skip ahead or behind in the song.



---Bottom line is limit your music to less than 60 minute songs with 20 minutes being functional, and optimal to prevent freezes.


---I would download Audacity and break up your songs and just add them to their own playlists to save yourself a lot of grief. 




This is mind boggling how this wasn't thought of. Makes me question my move from Apple to Spotify.... This has been a problem for more than 3 years. Get the basics right first....I.e. let local songs and radio integrate seemlessly. 

This is a very anti-consumer mind set. But apparently this isn't cared about enough since only 100 people liked this comment.


FOR EVERYSONG!? I have nearl 2600 songs...And they still don't show up under the appropriate artist. 

Yea it's a real bummer tbh 🙃

It'd be best if Spotify just got on their **bleep** but in terms of getting your local files to save under the right artists/albums/etc, have you tried editing the actual file properties? Depending on where/who you get the music from they can be all **bleep**ed in many ways. I remember spending HOURS doing this to get my iTunes all nice and clean. Cant confirm this would work for Spotify but it may be worth a shot.




After using spotify for more than 4 years now I'm considering switching to Apple Music, just because I cannot manage manage my imported music correctly.


Why is it possible to add local music to playlists, but not to user library? Makes no sense.

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