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Return expanded queue view (not only sidebar) for desktop as it was before and now on web

As mentioned in it would be great to return old and pretty standard view for queue (aka playing now). As having it very limited on sidebar is against existing UX


Screenshots for reference:



Web version (preferred version):





I just noticed this morning there was an update on PC where the queue barely even extends 1/4 of the screen. Why did you do this spotify? It looks horrible and is excruciatingly inconvenient.

This is a make or break experience. I fully intend to switch services if it isn't reverted.


latest update puts the queue on the side (smaller) section of the window. This removes the options to easily add or remove recommended songs when listening to a playlist on Smart Shuffle. Please return to previous view with larger queue and easy + - buttons.


Just roll it back. Not sure what you were going for, but this is not it.
I play my list on random with discovery and I can't tell which songs are added.
Also, as mentioned, the buttons to add or remove songs can't be seen in the new view.


Why remove the old view? By all means add a new sidebar view, but let us toggle between the new and old ones by clicking the queue button again. Please reinstate the old one - the new one doesn't have easy +/- buttons, doesn't show song length and is a poor UX for me.


Here's a crazy idea... why not let users choose where to put the queue instead of forcing it into the now playing panel on the right side of the screen? As it stands now, 80% of my screen is now taken up by a useless playlist that doesn't do anything, and all the action is happening in 2 tabs on a panel that's roughly 10% of the screen. The current user experience sucks.


Agreed.  The new Queue makes the UI much harder to use.  The whole middle section is now functionally useless, and I frequently used the album and "like" feature that is now only accessible by accessing the menu.  More clicks and less useful info does not help the experience at all.  Please roll this back or give us a way to toggle to the previous view.


Definitely a huge issue, I'm going further and calling it a mistake. 
It's the biggest streaming platform and I can't even look at how long next song is going to be? I can't even see which album contains the song that is playing right now?
As it is mentioned above, 70% of the screen is useless now for me as well. At least make it an option.
I hope you're correcting it as soon as possible, thanks.


switching this was a bad idea. my venue relies on spotify to play music and i have to change songs in my queue between bands. also getting rid of highlight and pressing delete to get rid of songs in the queue was an even worse idea. you werent really thinking of the user when you changed the UI were you. please switch it back so i can view the queue in full and also delete songs with the del button on my keyboard


Return the option for a full page queue. Long song queues are cramped and far less readable with only 1/4 of the screen space allowed in this updated version.


yes please at least allow to expand queue panel to see all track details like duration!