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Remove the new “Resuming (insert playlist/ song here)“ feature

The feature is not only annoying it’s broken and if you search on Reddit about the new feature you will see it’s very unpopular and I’m not the only one with this complaint. 
When you resume playing from Spotify in a car, it has a 3-second A.I. voice saying “Resuming (insert song or playlist.”


Its annoying that you cant just go back to listening to your music, BUT also it turns off shuffle and repeat. So if you were shuffling a playlist or album you have to go back to the app and turn it on again.

If spotify is going to keep this feature it would be great to have a setting to turn it off or on because a lot of people agree its really annoying.


The fact that the app autoplays in the car is bad enough, but the new AI voice introducing what you're listening to makes it so much worse. It's infuriating and grating and could not possibly be more frustrating when I'm trying to just use the app like normal.


I hate hate hate this feature, I don't want a bad AI voice telling me what I'm listening to, and we should at LEAST have the ability to turn it off. This is yet another bad UX decision in a long line of UX degradations that adds even more distance between what users are TRYING to do and what the app is forcing them to do. It takes away control from the user, adds a minimum of 2 extra clicks/taps to whatever the user was TRYING to navigate to, and the fact that it happens uncontrollably as soon as I open the app is just a huge slap in the face that turns me off from using the app altogether.


Worst feature I have ever seen


Free version type feature 


Fire whoever created this


most annoying auditory experience i've had in a while, legitimately ruined my mood


worst feature actually considering switching to Apple music 


About to ditch Spotify over this for the first time in over a decade. This "feature" is awful.


Pointless. If they were trying to make this an accessibility feature, it was a fail. At the very least, give us an option to turn it turn off.


They need to get rid of this feature, and not push any new features with that AI voice


Please disable this!!