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how to unblock a song

how to unblock a song



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How do you unblock a song that you blocked by mistake.  This is extremely annoying.  I picked up my device and my thumb hit that stupid block button by mistake now I cannot get back one of my favorite songs. Please fix this!  I don't know which person or people in your organization that thought this was a good idea but it is horrible.






Seriously considering canceling my premium plan and just going to iTunes,  



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Hi there,


Unfortunately, at this moment, it's not possible to "unblock" songs. A blocked song should still be playable and might return if the algorithm notices that you do actually like the song.


Are you sure you can't play the song at all anymore?


That might be a technical issue and for this situation, I recommend you to try a quick reinstallation of the app, you can find a guide here.


Hope this helps! 🙂

Okay I did the exact same thing that you did and here is what worked for me. 

I just liked the song I blocked by swiping it to left (until that heart icon appeared) and i was able to listen it again. 


Hope this works for you too!

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. ✌️

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