spotify music with itunes visualizer (mac)

spotify music with itunes visualizer (mac)



I was wondering, is it possible to visualize my spotify music with the build-in visualizer from itunes for free on my mac? I know spotify has a build-in visualizer but it's not that amazing... also i've tried doing it with Soundflowerbed en Nicecast as is says here but it seem to only work with full version of nicecast wich cost $60 😞 



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I was wondering the same thing. Spotify would take it to the next level with quality visualizers. The vizualizer app on spotify is garbage. 


I think the visualizer app is really just a proof of concept type thing that came from a "coding day" type compietition.  Too bad they never took it to the next level.

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I wrote a little thing on how I made this work with WinAmp/MilkDrop visuals. Hopefully you can do a similar thing with iTunes:



Running Mac OS X Sierra, this is a psuedo-fix that works for me:


Play music you want to listen to through desktop Spotify. Open iTunes and simultaenously play any music in your library, but turn the output volume in iTunes to 0. Then show the iTunes visualizer, and it should appear on a separate desktop window. You can switch back and forth to Spotify to control music. The visualizer won't adapt pefectly to the music you're hearing, but the effect is good enough for me.


So the music would be completely out of sinc with the visualizer?  

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