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32-bit windows

32-bit windows

So. I have old laptop, and it has a 32-bit operating system (windows xp). I want to install spotify to it, but when i go to download site, it automatically start to download 64-bit spotify installer. Where can i download 32-bit? I want to use this computer as a radio, so it will always play music from spotify. 

Sorry for bad english, i'm finnish 🙂







HP laptop


Operating System

32-bit Windows xp

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Hey @Pipari1337 and welcome 🙂


Windows XP is no longer capable of running the newest Spotify versions, regardless of its architecture.
I checked and my installation of Spotify for WIndows is still 32bit.


I also do not recommend downloading Spotify clients from anywhere else other than official Spotify sites, that is because of the very probable malware infections on files obtained from unofficial sites.


What are your computer's specs? Maybe you can install some lightweight Ubuntu distro on it. 🙂


Let me know!

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Hey @Pipari1337,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


Just to add something to what @Sebasty suggested, it'd be good for your you to take a look at the app's system requirements to double-check if the devices you use can support the app. You can do it here


Hope you'll find this info useful. We'll be here if there's anything else we can help with!

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Bom dia, boa tarde, boa tarde. Estou com o mesmo problema kkkkkk não consigo instalar o de 64bits, porque meu computador, alias da tia da minha mulher é relíquia kk, ele é bom só que é limitado em algumas coisas, ele roda no ultra mais nao instala o spotify 😕 achei que iria dizer adeus ao google. (my friend, translate I'm brazilian and my english is still temble lol, it needs to improve ( com ajuda do tradução em algumas partes kkk o resto é aprendido no duolingo

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