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AI DJ Problems

AI DJ Problems





(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Windows 10, IOS

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Has there been a recent update to the BETA DJ? Recently, on both the Windows Desktop app and the iOS app, there seems to be a problem when tracks change.

I have crossfade set on my settings, and up to a couple of weeks ago this was fine with the AI DJ.

Now, its OK for about 75% of the time, but for the other 25%, the tracks do not crossfade, just stop before the end, and the next track starts.

This seems to be random, and when I have had the opportunity, I have tried adding these tracks to an ordinary queue, and there isn't a problem.

Will this problem be fixed? I do realise the DJ is a BETA version, but do you know about it?

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Hey @Rigsby1,


Thanks for reaching out!

When you say ~25% songs do not have the Crossfade issue, with how many songs have you tested this?
The transitions worked fine on our end for 100% of the tested songs.

And, in case the issue still persists (also applies to anyone joining this thread), could you give us the following details?

  • Your device & its OS version
  • Your Spotify app version
  • The number of songs you've tested this with and the rough percentage of the affected ones 

Many thanks in advance!

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(iPhone 14 plus)

Operating System

(iOS 17)


My Question or Issue

I have my crossfade set to 12 secs. In DJ mode, some tracks ends at 12 secs and move straight onto the next track, instead of crossfading to the end of the track: The last 12 secs of the track is lost & does not play


I think this began when iOS17 was installed. But it does not happen to all tracks

Same here, using latest version on Android 13 and also set to crossfade 12 seconds. Happens to first song in Liked Songs.

This now seems to have been solved after the latest update, at least on iOS. Last week I listened to music via the DJ, and all song crossfaded as is set up within the app. 

But I will let you know if the problems re-occur


I have my crossfade set to 0 because I genuinely despise crossfade but with the latest DJ update it crossfades almost everything really early. I really enjoy using the ai DJ and use it almost every day but the overriding crossfade despite my settings preferences is really turning me off to it. I’m missing a good portion of the beginning and end of every song. 

I’m not liking the way the DJ does crossfades now. The first time I heard it, I was listening to a hip hop set and I thought it was pretty cool that it skipped past the opening skit on a track and went straight to the first verse. That works for hip hop and probably pop, but then it did it during a rock set and it was awful. I don’t want it to skip past the guitar riff to get to the vocal! The riffs are why I listen to rock. 

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