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Ad wont go away

Ad wont go away

The big ad that comes up covering the ap, why wont it go away? even when i minimize the ap, it stays on the screen, and i cant see my songlist because the ad is there with no way of closing it.

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Same issue. The ad pops up and WILL NOT GO AWAY. The only way I can get it to disappear is to restart, until the next ad... Please fix.




What does the white circle in the upper right do? Have you tried clicking that?


Also try a clean reisntall:


Try a clean reinstall:

First uninstall Spotify and then delete these folder is they exist:

and C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Spotify

After that reinstall Spotify

If you can't find the folder, try this:

Uninstall Spotify: Start > Control Panel > Programs / Uninstall a Program > Spotify
Find your AppData folder and delete all Spotify data.
Start, run, type: %appdata% and hit enter
You probably see 4 folders; enter each and see if they contain a folder called Spotify. Delete the entire Spotify folder.
Restart your computer at this point.
Reinstall Spotify (download)

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Same thing but its happening every time I try to connect to my ps4. The ad won't play any sound, reset if i turn up or down the volume or press pause. I even started a 7 day free trial but the ad is still there.

Same thing here. So annoying! Nothing I do will make the ad go away. Can't search or use the app.

For me is the "go premium ad" no matter how many times I touch "dismiss", doesn't go away. I even try navigating the app (browse, search, your library) I can see those section coming up BEHIND the #$%^& ad! not even stopping the music worked. I had to "forced" kill the app and start it again.


The ad came up was when I checking the song was playing and it brought me to the playlist I was listening and the cue (if I touch the little list icon up on the right) I was going back and forth between the cue and the list  and checking the artists until I couldn't do anything more because the ad wouldn't let me see anything. I'd hit dismiss and it went away, but when I'd tried to keep going to my library (for ex) it'd showed up, I'd hit dismiss, went away.. ect... leaving me stuck in the section the ad first came.

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