Adding local files causes crash


Adding local files causes crash

Casual Listener

I found a _CLOSED_ Item from 2016 that is totally still an issue. Copy from that item follows:

-------------------------------------------- Memory leak leading to a crash when loading local files

It seems Spotify is suffering from a memory leak caused by code responsible for loading local files. I have a modest collection of about 3.5k locally stored mp3 files. I can add the local directory as a source successfully, and the import process kicks off.


Unfortunately, as importing progresses, memory usage of spotify app keeps increasing. This is a screenshot taken after about 900 songs and 10 minutes into the process:




As you can see, memory usage is exorbitantly high, and nearing the limit for 32-bit application. Sure enough, a few moments later, Spotify crashes. As it seems there is no native 64-bit client for Windows, the only workaround seems to be to piecemeal loading of local files, which is a very daunting task.


Is there anything that can be done to fix this?


Two years later, and I have the exact same problem.






Operating System

(Windows 10 - downloaded non-Store app)


My Question or Issue

 see above - I'm literally unable to add local directories without the app crashing the whole system after a while. Could add a screenshot, but it would look the same as the one above.


Any solution or workaround? There ARE artists that aren't on Spotify and never will be, you know.