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Album art not showing for some local file songs

Album art not showing for some local file songs







Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit


My Question or Issue

My issue is that the album art does not show for all my imported local songs in Spotify. It works for some tracks, but not all. They have all been treated the exact same way using Mp3Tag to add cover art and change other metadata.


I have tried everything I could find on these forums that could have helped, but nothing has so far (Restarting Spotify and the PC, removing / re-adding the songs, adding only a few at a time, resizing the left part of Spotify, disabling anti-virus software, re-installing Spotify entirely et cetera).


It does however display just fine if I re-size all the album covers to 300x300, not more. Although I lose a lot of details in the covers by doing that and it would be extremely time consuming considering there are over 1.800 songs in my playlist at the moment. If I remove the local files source and re-add it the cover art goes away again the the process has to be done all over again.


Now I have no idea what to do. Any help would be very much appreciated! 


(Yes, the album art displays correctly for these songs in all media players except for Spotify)


- Henrik

3 Replies

Do you find that some of your local files show cover art on mobile and not on PC and vice versa or in neither? I have the same problem but resizing the cover art doesn't help.

Hello @HenrikoMagnific!


Just wondering. Do the the songs that don't show artwork have any apostrophes in their file path or file name itself?

Thanks for your response!


No, there are no special symbols at all in the file paths. This is the file path used for the songs main directory;

D:\HenrikoMusic\Songs\ there shouldn't really be any issues regarding that. Any other ideas?

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