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Albums suddenly disappeared from my library

Albums suddenly disappeared from my library







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Windows 10 Pro


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Hi, this issue just showed up on my Desktop app. Whenever I go to My Albums, it says I have none, even though I actually do. Going to Favorite Songs will show every song that I have saved, but it's a pain to browse it. I've already tried a clean reinstall. Can someone help? Thanks.


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I've got the same problem too. All my personnals playlists has disappeared since this morning.

I only can listen music mix from the homepage.

Nothing else!


I have the same problem. Most of my albums are just gone. It’s frustrating. Was your case solved?

This is because of the new update.


They have removed the ability to view your saved songs by artist-- all the songs you 'liked' are now in one giant playlist called 'liked songs' ordered by most recent add.


You can't use it like you use to. Please join with the hundreds of others of us and complain on here and on the app stores with bad ratings. They are basically telling their users to f off. I pay for spotify and I'm cancelling for something else unless there is indication very soon that they are fixing this. 



That’s weird. I haven’t seen a majority of users complain about it today. On Reddit, for instance, people seem that they don’t care at all.


Both my playlists and liked songs are in good state. However, most of the albums I have saved to my library are gone.


If I liked, say, two hundred albums and they were gone like that, would Spotify expect me to save them one by one again? It seems so because the customer service implies it.

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