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All songs from my library are gone.

All songs from my library are gone.

Hey, guys after the last Win10 update ALL songs from my library are now gone! I never bothered to create a playlist - when I found a song that I like I always chose add to my library option. However now after the latest update all my songs are gone! I use Spotify on a Win10 @ Work, Win10 @ Home, two Samsung TVs @ Home and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(Android).


Is there anyway to fix it ?


P.S. I just noticed that my Recently Played list contains some **bleep**ty Spanish country songs that I have never played! Is it possible that my account is compromised ?

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If you login to:

Are any of your old songs there?

Mine as well.. All my playlists are gone....

All my playlists have been mysteriously deleted, I can restore some of back, but don't know how to find those which I have subscribed 😞

This is funny... as I've saved links to blog:


I need to "Follow Playlist" to get it back 😄

Actually happened to me, my account was hi-jacked.


Noticed (unread, my mistake) mail email from spotify which told that my email has been changed from

old email xyz to new wbc.

Sadly no! 😞

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