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Almost All Albums in Library Vanished

Almost All Albums in Library Vanished






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I'm usually offline on my PC. I went online to download a few new songs, noticed an update queued for the desktop client, updated it, and now almost every album in my library and every artist in my library has just vanished. I went from hundreds of artists and albums to literally 2 artists and seventeen albums. But if I click songs, all the songs are there. Now I can't find an album when I want to listen to it. What happened?

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That's apparently spotify's idea of an improvement. Now unless save an entire album it doesn't show up under albums anymore, so if you're like me and just save the specific songs you like now most of your music is in the jumbled long af playlist called liked songs. As for the artists now an artist only shows up if you follow them, and when you click on them it no longer shows the songs you saved from them. Instead it shows their whole discography that's on spotify. Great update huh? They sure improved our experience, and "made it easier to find the music you love" as they put it **bleep**. Apparently putting together the letters l, m, a, and o is a potty word that must be censored according to spotify.

Oh, so they messed this all up on purpose? This is Spotify's fault, not me going crazy? Guess they don't want my money for much longer then.

It boggles my mind how detached the "Market researchers" or "Analysts" at Spotify are for thinking that changes like these are an improvment.

If there's ever a viable alternative to Spotify I'll gladly make the switch without thinking twice. Too bad Apple Music is just as incompetent.

Same here!


Like, you'd think through all these updates you "might" possibly be able to "maybe" use Spotify and "perhaps" enjoy it .. .. .. **eye roll**


It's seeming like I'm not the only person with this problem either.


Spotify itself is seemingly "notorious" for having too many updates messing up too many listeners ( I would say users but I'm an artist, mind you ) stuff. The more I research my own problems with it, the more I keep seeing more than "every other" person complain about these updates messing up this and that. Like .. could they hold off on the updates?? I mean, that's a REALLY good way to mess up an extremely nice AND good platform is plague the users with so many updates they can't even figure out where anything is at .. .. .. Then all the sudden there's REALLY no albums. And no albums, no Spotify. Right .. ?


Meanwhile personally, I'm building up a similar mp3 library interface platform through file syncing and Google Drive and such in preparation for when (not "if") I get too fed up with these useless updates, it's seeming like now.


My gripe about it is about how you have to turn the repeat button back on every time you change a song. You won't find this "feature" ("excuse of") on any other media player out there.  ANYways .. that being said, I decided to put it aside. No worries. Now we are all being forced to use playlists like we are at some kind of highschool sleep-over .. ? Uhhh .. why is that not for everbody? So here, let's revert back to mp3s now. Very "retro", Spotify .. "smooth" **eye roll #2**


It's sad how problem laiden this update thing is. And, it's also uncalled for. It's not about the updates, it's about the people just trying to listen to some **bleep** music!


Go put on some make-up or something, Spotify. Then, go sit all alone, by yourself. Think about the people, in the future .. .. ..

All I can think is they've decided that "liking' a song is more important than saving or listening to it and that saving / downloading an entire album is more important or worth more than downloading a single song.   To an artist I would guess that an entire album download would be worth more than a single song download but I really have no idea. 

Still here with no Albums showing at all. whatsoever. Usually this has been an issue on their side. I've been a Spotify user (albeit sometimes on and off) for a while now and after this post I am blocked from signing in to the help community ? That wasn't very nice whoever did that.


ANYWAYS .. reverting to troubleshooting before I start a thread on this. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multimple times and this is more than on the desktop app.


Might even boot up an install of Ubuntu MATE (Linux) to see what's going on and if this actually IS a server-side fault.


Been using these playlists since a bit after my post, above. How do people with like 100 plus songs figure out which one they want to play anyways? Or do they just shuffle them mindlessly and call it a day? lol .. I'm just not seeing the logic behind this if this is some kind of "feature" .. And if it is a feature, then why is there still an albums section? And, why is there a moderator saying that it's "saved albums only. not liked albums." ? And where is this save button ? Spotify expects it's users to go through all each and every one of their albums and click save? Without losing mass users?


Again, I'm not seeing the logic in that.


And a third time, just not seeing it, as Spotify playlists are such a great feature but there is no way to save the albums through playlists? Yet, playlists are backed up? I mean, of course, people put hard work into playlists, but so do artists into albums. An album is a group of songs that create a scene. And if Spotify thinks we're reverting to just singles and mixtapes and stuff people just half "threw together" over night then they're wrong.


Again, coming from an artist as well as a listener.

Screenshot (1).jpg

Screenshots for proof ..


I mean, all in all they could just make it look like something I did wrong, but then again, this is a streaming client and they're the ones getting paid, by us and by royalties from the artists they host so why even bother blaming those who listen to the music too? The customer? The people? That's be a bad company now, wouldn't it?

Screenshot (2).png

Ok, I understand your frustration.


They changed the concept and they tried to migrate the stuff but failed in your case.

In my case it was ok. All my saved songs became liked songs. All the albums were there (because I saved them) but only the artists were gone. But I can search in the likes playlist for an artists and I see all the songs I liked of that artist grouped by album. Not too bad. 

Liked songs is a very special playlist since it's more like the old library, it contains very specific search and filter criteria. 


In the old way what confused me was what saving an album meant. If I save an album, all the songs were saved but when I removed a song from the album, the album saved button became greyed out, it was there in the album list however, not very clear also. Now you save an album and you have no control of which songs you save which does make sense because it's an album. It's the artist choice. In the old way it was weird that you saved two songs of an album and it was in your album list, why? Looks you didn't like it that much, only two songs.


Just give it a try. In the end finding is the goal, not organizing.




True, and I get that, personally. I play those two or so songs many times because I enjoy them so much. They don't get old. What's better than for a song to get old and outplayed and fizzle out in a week or so? For it to LAST.


I understand the concept of finding new artists out there but there has to be some kind of balance between the two, not just cut off the albums completely, here you go have a playlist see ya later. That's not solidity, that's carelessness.


I thougt about how this could be implemented. I subimmted a new idea:

[All Platforms][Your Library] New library improvements to bring back old library experience


If you agree, than like the idea.




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