Are there now bots on Spotify???

Are there now bots on Spotify???

So my mate created a public playlist a while ago, and it was a heap of music between us three friends designed for party listening (it's called 'Party Choons'). I juts clicked on it only to find two profiles called Lisa and Ashley with very similar music taste (both have blank public profiles only with EDM playlists by the same artists who all seem fledgling: Pesukone, S productions, Empty Elevator, SongBot, Teddy Z, Birdyhead, Vini, Drip Overkill, Munatix) having added songs to the playlist a couple weeks ago and one added today. We don't know these people and I can't remove the songs, they just return. Does anyone know firstly what we can do do get rid of them as members and remove their songs, and secondly whether profile bots are actually a thing that musicians use now to get publicity? I hope not cause the music they added wrecks our playlist as it all sucks. I'd also like to point out there's no way to report profiles as bots and I think that's an issue in itself. 

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Hi there @kkianaddalton,


Thanks for the post.


Previously if a playlist was marked as Public and Collaborative, anyone who had the link or has seen the playlist in the app could follow it.


This has recently changed and if a playlist is turned into Collaborative, the creator of the playlist can decide who can have editing rights. 


I'd recommend for the person who initially created the playlist to turn it to a Private playlist. After that Add Collaborators and make the playlist Public, and they should send links only to you and your other friend. This way nobody else should have rights to add/ remove songs from the playlist.


More about playlist privacy - here.


Let me know if that helped.

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Thanks! I have a party this weekend so I'll get my friend who made the playlist to do this and let you know how it goes

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