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Artist Display

I'm using Premium on a laptop and when I fired up the laptop today my alphabetical list of artists has disappeared and been replaced by a screen telling me my favourite artists will appear here or giving me the option to browse. The songs I have liked are all in the songs list and the associated albums are in that list too. Have been using for several years and never had this happen. The display on my iPhone has changed too and again, have lost my alphabetical list. Tried fruitlessly to put it back the way it was in setting so stuck and frustrated. Any solutions or am I stuck with an updated display I can’t change…thanks in anticipation.


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Unfortunetly this is the new UI that Spotify are pushing. So we are stuck with it. They have been slowly pushing it out since Febuaray and everyone is jumping ship to other services because of it. Spotify seem to be shooting themselfs in the foot with this one.

**bleep**, that's a shame becuase it's really pants... Thanks for taking the time to reply man. I will be considering my options.

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