Automatic Syncing Between Devices, Even When Devices Are Off


Automatic Syncing Between Devices, Even When Devices Are Off







PC / iPhone X

Operating System

Windows 10 / iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

For the past few days now I have been having a very annoying issue with Spotify, but it's sort of difficult to explain. Basically, I only use Spotify on my phone for music that I listen to at the gym, where as I use Spotify on my PC for more serious listening; i.e., I listen to drum and bass playlists when I run and I listen to albums in full at home. To prevent my gym music from playing over my computer because of Spotify's annoying "Devices Avaliable" sync feature, I always make sure that when I go to the gym I close the Spotify application on my computer first, so that the album that I've paused half-way through can be continued when I get back home. This has always worked well for me, as it allows me to have two different "listening sessions" if you will, so that I don't have to constantly re-search for and play the music that I was listening to before on my computer and vice versa for when I'm at the gym.


Recently however, after one of the latest updates (either the latest or the one before the latest), I've been returning home from my gym sessions and finding the music that I had been listening to at the gym being queued up on my computer, overwriting what I had been listening to on my computer before, even though the Spotify application on my computer was closed so the music shouldn't have been syncing from my phone to my computer. This is especially frustrating since I then have to go and find what I was listening to before and try and guess to see where I left off to finish the album. It's even more frustrating when I then go for my run at the gym the next day and open Spotify to find I'm in the middle of Helplessness Blues instead of the sick drum and bass that gets me through my cardio torture sessions.


Please fix this. It's really inconvenient to have to search for and find my sick drum and bass playlist (which will then end up overwriting what I was listening to on my computer, making me not wanting to play it — I know I sound insane) and I don't want my own laziness to be the reason I bust out crying at the gym because I decide to finish listening to Helplessness Blues on a long run. If I'm gonna cry at the gym it's gonna be because my legs have given out and I must be dragged onto a stretcher and removed from the premises, not because Robin Pecknold's sultry lyricism causes me to think about my ex who I never should have left.


In all seriousness this is a real issue for me and I'd love for it to be fixed! Thanks.

Also yes, I have tried reinstalling Spotify on both my PC and my phone, to no avail.