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BROKEN: Cannot sync playlists across devices [Premium]

BROKEN: Cannot sync playlists across devices [Premium]

I have Spotify on several devices, including Windows 10 laptop and iOS iPhone.. both are on the latest updates.


Sometime in the last few days, sync across these devices has broken:


Playlists I update (add songs, rename, etc.) on one device don't always sync to one another. It goes both ways, and it seems to happen randomly, i.e., no combination of songs or actions triggers the de-sync to occur. Once it stops syncing, it seems to never sync again.


Testing it in a web browser, some of my iPhone playlists are up to date, some are not, and some of Windows 10 playlists are up to date, and some are not.


Oddly enough, I can turn the playlist collaborative on/off and it syncs that setting only across the devices. The contents, title, etc., just don't change and remain local! I now have several playlists that are basically "stuck" in local mode forever and not synced to the Spotify cloud.


Here's one example:


Note that in the screenshots, this playlist ON MY PHONE is called "iOS Playlist" and contains different songs than on my desktop / or at the cloud URL I shared.


Also note that I renamed the another playlist in the list "2021 OctNovDec" to "2021 OctNovDec (rename) using Windows 10, however, the rename doesn't show up on Windows 10 but does apply to my phone.

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I'm having the same problem, and I only noticed it starting 3 days ago. It's been frustrating to the point of becoming infuriating.

Found a solution in another forum and tried it early this morning and it worked for me! On both the desktop app and the mobile app at the same time, set Spotify to "Offline Mode" for about 5 minutes.

Hi folks,


Thank you for posting on the Community.


After reviewing the info you sent, we found this is an issue that's been reported recently by other users.


This is the thread that's handling this specific issue, so please head there and add the check the troubleshooting steps that have been shared.


In case the issue persists, add the following info to the post:

  • Device make, model and OS version (Please list both desktop and mobile devices in question)
  • Exact Spotify App version (both devices)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Screenshot of the local files
  • Troubleshooting steps done

In that post we'll share all updates related to this issue, so please keep an eye on it.


We'll be on the lookout.

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