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[BUG][Windows] Adding song to playlist for second time, no validation for existing.

[BUG][Windows] Adding song to playlist for second time, no validation for existing.






(Laptop HP)

Operating System

(Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

In playlist, section Recomendet songs, after adding a song with mouse right click -> add to playlist -> to playlist X  and after adding the song to the playlist X if you click this time on the same song on the ADD button it adds it a second time without validating if the song is in the playlist already.


Is this a BUG or a FEATURE ? 🙂

Best regards,





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Hi Aleks,


If I understand correctly, you would like to know if it is a bug or feature that adding a song to a playlist for a second time continues without checking for duplicates. Good question!


I tried to add a song for a second time to a few playlists and in all instances Spotify told me the song is already in the playlist and asked me if I want to make it a duplicate. Does it happen with multiple songs and playlists that you don't get the message? Could you also check which exact version of Spotify you are currently using?


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Hi Shuidong,

I don't know if this is a corner case for the validation but here is how I reproduse it.
1. Go to playlist "X".

2. Add song from recommendet section to playlist "X".

3. Add the same song to playlist "X" tru the ADD button.


And now you should have the song 2times in playlist "X".


Version: (Microsoft Store version)



Hi Aleks,


Thanks for clearing up the steps to reproduce. The "ADD" button at the bottom of any playlist indeed doesn't seem to check for duplicates before adding a song to the playlist. Having that said, I think the only way to have a song already in the playlist also be an option to add through the Recommended section is:


1. Load playlist so that the Recommended section shows songs

2. Add a song from the Recommended section to the playlist through any means except for the "ADD" button, like right-click on song and "Add to Playlist"

3. Add the song through the "ADD" button


After Spotify has been closed and opened again, loading the playlist shows another selection of songs as Recommended so duplicates should only be possible if steps are performed in one session.


Sounds like a bug to me, but I guess we'll have to wait untill an expert responds.


I tried it with:


Windows 10

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