BUG, disabled speakers on PC, Spotify skip all track


BUG, disabled speakers on PC, Spotify skip all track

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Windows 10


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I disabled the integrated speakers on my computer at the office.

Windows shows me a disabled tile icon on lower right side of the screen.


(I can start Spotify desktop app with play button, it will skip all of the tracks)


I connect a Bluetooth USB adapter to that PC. (The PC shows me an active speaker on the lower right side)

When I start playing music on Bluetooth headset (ParrotZik3) it works fine.

If I turn off my headset without stopping the music, it will skip all of the tracks in a loop.

(If I pause it, it will work again)


If the desktop app went into this loop, the pause and play does not solve the problem, I have to restart the app.


Currently I’m at home, but my work PC is in this loop, so I cannot get back the control of playing.


UPD: I found the solution for geting back control in iOS client.



In the desktop app: The play button has to be disabled when the PC doesn't have any speakers.
And the app has to notify me about the problem.


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