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Boycott Spotify for forcing users to undergo a test without permission

Boycott Spotify for forcing users to undergo a test without permission






HP desktop

Operating System

Windows 10


Since Spotify is forcing users to undergo a so-called "test" for a downgraded and non-functional "new" version;

Since Spotify would not let users opt-out this "test";

Since Premium Users are actually paying for a service that is less than acceptable;

Since new FREE USERS still have access to a better version (the previous one) of Spotify;

Let's unite and boycott Spotify. End your account. Stop paying and not receiving. Migrate to Deezer, Tidal or anyother streming service.

They can't force us to pay as they force us to undergo some kind of upside down bizarre test for an ABSOLUTELY FAILED AND AWFUL version for desktop app.

Do not illude yourselves. Next thing they will do the same to iOS and Android apps. BOYCOTT NOW while still there's time.

Let's force them to RESTORE to the previous version.


Thank you for your time.

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Are you sure free users still have access to the previous version? If that's the case, I'd cancel my premium in a heartbeat.

Yes, please confirm this point about new users. It sounds interesting.


For sure, I am cancelling my Premium subscription as long as this awful "test" version is not removed, which I can guess it may take a while.

It's the best way to show our insatisfaction as users to the company and the fastest option to make them understand and put them to work to restore the previous version.


If you agree, unsubscribe!

I opened a new free account. Previous version it is.

My canvas feature is missing for 6-8 months, this is specifically for my account tho, when i log in from another account i can see canvas. But not in my account i tried many times to reach support but they just say spotify is testing "new" things and just open another account... This is really annoying when all my friends use this cool thing except me because of spotify's abnormal testing thing and no option for exiting

I'm out. It's clear to see that Spotify will force this version upon everyone in time. They've gone full **bleep** and have stepped over the line


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