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Brief internet outages make my now playing + queue disappear

Brief internet outages make my now playing + queue disappear






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Hi, this is a problem that has only just started occurring and I have used Spotify on my PC for many years.

Unfortunately the internet in my bedroom can be unreliable, so occasionally the internet will suddenly go down. Usually it isn't an issue as I can just disable and re-enable it in Network and Internet settings and it will be back to normal without affecting Spotify playback.

However, recently, as soon as the internet is disabled I lose whatever is currently playing and the remainder of the queue, and everything goes grey. I have to exit the app and re-enter it once the internet is back on, which can be quite annoying, especially when I am listening to an album and would prefer an uninterrupted experience.

So far I have tried clearing the cache and reinstalling it, but the problem persists. Same in the Web Player. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks for reading.

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Hi there @musoschmuso,


Thanks for reaching out.


From how it looks, we're lead to believe that something in your specific setup is the root cause here. Consider checking the following things:

  • Check your Firewall settings to make sure Spotify isn't blocked
  • Check your Antivirus settings for anything that might be interfering
  • If you have any VPNs or Proxy servers in place, disable them

Hope this helps.

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