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Bug with the play order of Liked songs

Bug with the play order of Liked songs

Firstly, this bug concerns also Mac version, and I have updated both Windows and Mac OS, and I have reinstalled Spotify to both OS several times with no effect. I have also contacted Spotify chat support and they did not find anything wrong with my account, so THIS IS A SPOTIFY APPLICATION BUG!


The bug manifests as follows:

Default order of Liked songs list is from newest to oldest (side note: who likes to listen playlists always from newest to oldest?!?!?!). When I first arrange the songs from oldest to newest and start playing from the top (oldest) it starts playing in the correct order. HOWEVER, when I close the Spotify and start it again (and maybe also restart Windows in between, but it does not matter to this behaviour), and want to continue playing Liked songs list from the previous position, it starts playing in wrong order. And there are actually two ways how it goes wrong: 1. If I just click Play to continue from previous position, after the current song it jumps to the newest song in the list, and then starts playing from newest to oldest. 2. If I specifically select the current song in the list to be played, after the song it starts playing the list in reverse order, so it jumps to the older song.

And the same happens when you skip forward: If you have not first selected the song to be continued, it jumps to the newest song in the list. Otherwise, it jumps to the older song in the list, that is, the wrong order.

The list itself stays in the previously set order (in this case, from oldest to newest), but it plays songs from newest the oldest. So, in some strange way, the application remembers the list order, but not the playing order! That is some seriously f***ed up programming!!!

The only way to get it to play from-oldest-to-newest direction again is the following procedure: 1) Specifically select a song to be played (any song), NOT JUST PRESS PLAY BUT HAVE TO SELECT FROM THE LIST! 2) Change order twice so that first you set it as it is default from newest to oldest, and then change it back to oldest to newest. 3) AGAIN specifically select a song from the list to be played. Now it starts playing in the correct order.

To be precise, the step 1 above can be skipped if in step 3 you select the FIRST song in the list. However, since the whole purpose here is to continue the list from the previous position, it is better to first select the current song to be played, EVEN IT IS ALREADY SELECTED YOU HAVE TO CLICK IT! And then, after changing the order twice you have to again select the current song from the list, EVEN IT IS ALREADY SELECTED YOU HAVE TO ***AGAIN*** CLICK IT!


This is very annoying bug since you cannot ever simply continue the list where you stopped in the previous session! You always have to browse the list to find the song where you stopped last time, and then do the steps above.


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Hey there @Malakias!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reporting this to with us.


Right now we have an Ongoing issue with what you seem to be experiencing with your Liked songs.  


You can take a look here to see what steps you can take to try and solve this. Feel free to leave your details and +Vote in the thread as well.


Hopefully we'll have this sorted out soon, keep an eye on the page for any updates.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help out with 🙂

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