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Can't Remove Spotify from Windows 7 64bit

Can't Remove Spotify from Windows 7 64bit

Never faced such a resilient program. Trying to uninstall from control panel (as administrator) brings up a "This program is not responding" error dialog and doesn't continue. I've made sure no spotify processes are running (that I know of) and still getting the same error. I've tried uninstalling from command prompt, same error. I've tried restarting computer, same error. I've even tried downloading a 3rd party uninstaller "IOBit Uninstaller" and getting the same error.


Go away spotify!

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Hey @over5tayer, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble uninstalling Spotify.


Let's try restarting your Windows in Safe Mode and uninstalling it from there.


Let me know how it goes.

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