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Spotify Browser Player doesn't work

Spotify Browser Player doesn't work

Recently, my Spotify browser stopped working. I only get the message: Ooops, something went wrong. As well, I can't get the Finnish version of the player, only the international English one (that's not as important, but still...). I have deleted all cookies and similar stuff, to no avail.

I use Slimjet version (based on Chromium 64.0.3282.119) (Official Build) (32-bit). Norma PC with Win 10 Home, latest version.

I fully get the tip to change the browser, but I have used this one for years and grown accustomed to it, and it would be cumbersome to have another one only for Spotify, so I hope for some understanding.

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Hey @ericrose!


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Just to test it out, does the same happen if you use a different browser? I'm asking because there was a recent hiccup, and the web player was down, but everything should be up and running again.


Keep me posted.

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