Can't delete spotify folder in the Roaming file

Can't delete spotify folder in the Roaming file







Operating System

Windows 10


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I wanted to uninstall Spotify because every time there was an update it wouldn't let me update because there was an error. So when I went to uninstall the program and delete the program files under the C:\User\"Name"\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

it wouldn't delete the Spotify application due to it already running.

Please help me.

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same problem

Hi there ConnorTuna,
Welcome at the Spotify Community!


Could you check out if it works for you when you follow the steps below?

  1. Open your taskmanager (on Windows you can do so by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL), and close Spotify.exe, SpotifyCrashService, and SpotifyWebHelper.exe.
  2. Try to remove the files once again, does it work now?
  3. After you've removed all files, please reboot your PC to make sure it all gone now. 
  4. Open taskmanager once again, does it still show Spotify processes.

Please let me know if it still doens't work after trying these steps. Thank you!

Hi, my Spotify does'nt even show up on the task manager. I have tried multiple of your tips but unfortunately none of them are working. I'm unable to delete the Spotify folder, it says that it is open in another program. I am using Windows 10.

try to restart your device (make sure spotify doesnt open when opening the computer)

and then try to delete maybe?


I have the exact same issue, does anyone have any updates yet?

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