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Can't listen to locally uploaded music

Can't listen to locally uploaded music





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I'm trying to listen to my own music in spotify, this is something I've done before a few months ago with the Local Files options to listen to some games' OST's and it worked. 
However now, it appears that I'm unable to perform this action again, I've tried importing another game's OST's to Spotify but they never got detected. I confirmed that yes, they are an MP3 file, yes they have things like Titles and stuff, putting them in the exact same folder that I did last time, and even trying to import more songs from the SAME GAME I did the first time, reinstalling, using different computers but it all results into failiure. I haven't got the slightest idea of what to do at this point, I just want to listen to some dank OST's or import some memes.

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Hey @W01Fi3.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Take a look at this Support Article where we go a bit deeper into how to use local Files. There you can also find troubleshooting steps.


If it doesn't help, try to place the songs you want to import in a folder somewhere on your local hard-drive. Go to the Spotify settings and in the Local Files section, browse for the newly created folder. The songs should appear in your Library under Local Files.


Hope that does the trick! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!


Already tried those things, nothing works. The link provided doesn't help at all, there's not enough troubleshooting for times where it doesn't work at all.

bump? this issue is still unsolved.

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