Cannot Access Local FilesOn Another Device


Cannot Access Local FilesOn Another Device


I am using Spotify Premium in the USA


The Devices I am using are an Iphone 6, Macbook Pro (2009), and a Dell Laptop with Windows 10 Pro.


My Question or Issue:

My local files are on the Macbook Pro and have been successfully uploaded to the spotify app on my Mac and have also been successfully downloaded onto the iphone 6 so that I can listen to them offline and can continue to upload songs and re-sync using the offline toggle under settings->Playback.


On my dell laptop however I cannot download the same playlist that has these local files from my macbook. I have connected to the same wireless internet and have tried logging out and signing back in but when I try to download the songs on the spotify app on the dell laptop they are still greyed out. I tried to go to settings->playback to try and toggle and offline mode but I do not have that option.


Please let me know if there is something I can do to sync these.