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Cannot Organize Particular Playlist

Cannot Organize Particular Playlist







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Windows 10


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I cannot reorganize a particular playlist. I am able to reorganize others, but not this one. I am ready to recreate it and see if that works, but takes too much time for a simple problem. There might be a setting that this playlist has engaged that others do not, but how is one even to know when the criteria of the "More Options Menu" (...) matches that of other playlists.


Very frustrating that many things like this are not intuitive, nor explained why it can't be done if it's for a particular reason.

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Hello! Sorry to hear you're having issues!


Is the playlist that you are trying to reorder one you created yourself? Sometimes, I accidentally create playlists on another account, and transferring it over can be a bit of a bother on mobile, but on the desktop version, you should be able to copy all your songs into a new playlist pretty easily.


First, do Ctrl + A inside the playlist you'd like to select the songs of, then hit Ctrl + C to copy them. Next, create a new playlist, and while having that page open press Ctrl + V. Hope this is able to fix your issues!

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